(Includes Soup or Salad and House Cake)

1 :: Chicken Oreganato $14.95
Served w/ Oven Roasted Potatoes

2 :: Baked Lamb $14.95
Served with orzo

3 :: Shepherds Pie $13.95
Ground Beef, Carrots, Peas, Zucchini & Onions, Topped w/MashedPotatoes & Parmesan Cheese & Then Baked to Perfection

4 :: ****Chicken Capri**** $15.95
Sauteed Chicken w/Fresh Spinach & Mushrooms, Tossed w/Fettuccine in a Cream Sauce

5 :: ****Pasta Puttanesca**** $14.95
Chopped Anchovy w/ extra virgin olive oil minced garlic,plum tomatoes capers & kalamata olives tossed w/ spaghetti and topped w/ parmigiano pecorino

6 :: ****Jack Daniels Prime Rib**** $24.75
Basted & Grilled to your liking,smothered w/Jack Daniels sauce, served w/sauteed broccoli rabe & garlic mashed potato

7 :: ****Mexican Churrasco**** $21.95
Skirt steak serve with black beans spread with green avocado salsa and corn tortillas

8 :: ****Saddle Brook Pork Dinner**** $15.95
Pan Fried Breaded sliced pork in Lemon Butter Sauce w/ Capers Topped serve w/ Zucchini Linguine

9 :: ****Hawaiian Tilapia**** $15.95
Coconut crusted filet w/fresh fruit drizzled w/pina colada sauce served w/choice of potato

10 :: ****Emerald Grouper**** $17.95
Broiled Filet of Grouper, Topped w/Chopped Tomato,Onions & Cilantro Medley. Served w/Spanish Green Rice

11 :: ****Alladin Salmon**** $17.95
Poached Salmon Topped w/Our House-made Hollandaise Sauce, Served w/Grilled Red Skin Potatoes & Fresh Sauteed Asparagus

12 :: Chicken Milanaise Ensalada $13.55
Breaded Pan Seared Chicken Breast w/Tri Color Greens Dressed w/Balsamic Vinaigrette

** Please No substitutions or Sharing **