About Us


The Meatloaf Sandwich with Brown Gravy and the Philly Rib Cheese Steak is not all there is to rave about at the Saddle Brook Diner. The diner remains an authentic and original icon of the American road, located off of four major highways including Route 80, Route 17, Garden State Parkway (exit 159), and Route 46. Great home cooked food is our real claim to fame with locals and thousands of folks who have traveled to visit us. The diner is warm, friendly and retro-cool, with artifacts such as Betty Boop, Elvis, Classic movie actors, “Rat Pack” pictures and a real Harley Davidson Low-Rider on display above the front door. Along with many nostalgic diner artifacts, the most notable is the original artwork depicting diner scenes and classic automobiles. The combination of all of these elements clearly gives Saddle Brook Diner a 50’s classic feel.

Saddle Brook was originally part of the Saddle River Township which was created in the early 1700's within the area known as New Barbados. Most of the history of Saddle Brook is, of course, the history of Saddle River Township, which is one of the oldest townships in Bergen County, NJ. Historians do not always agree on dates about our local history, but quite a few write that the township was created in March of 1716.
In the early 1950’s the town's citizens thought it was prudent to change the name of the town, this was due to the neighboring towns, such as Saddle River and Upper Saddle River having such similar names. The Diner played a large part in the renaming of the township due to the longevity of the diner’s existence, its location near the town line and the neon sign always visible from a distance. On November 8, 1955 the citizens of Saddle River Township considered these facts about the historic landmark when they voted and ultimately changed the name of the town from Saddle River Township to Saddle Brook Township. Thus, the Saddle Brook Diner was the catalyst in the renaming of the town.

Owner, Alex Theodosiou from Athens, Greece, came to the United States in 1982 starting as a busboy at the Prestige Diner in New Providence, New Jersey. After many years of hard work he became a partner. Alex’s next venture was in 1998 when he bought the Saddle Brook Diner. After a successful six year run it was time to renovate the property. The diner was closed in July of 2004 for 8 months and by March 2005 Saddle Brook Diner re-opened with a clean, neuvo interior that still maintained ties to its historic beginnings and undeniable detail to the classic diner feel.


The outside of the building bore a sharp new logo in the window, and a green and yellow neon sign that could be seen from a distance. The exterior was slightly sleek and contemporary yet still had the old fashioned look of a 50’s diner. In addition to the renovated inside and the overhauled outside an outdoor café was created for our guests to sit and relax during warmer months. The café is the place to be; whether enjoying cocktails, cappuccino, dessert, or experiencing the full menu. Once the diner's renovation was completed Saddle Brook Diner’s business quickly increased. Today the diner continues to be one of the busiest restaurants on any given day of the week.